Acetylene Purifying Mass (Regenerative & Non-Regenerative Type)

Acetylene Gas produced from Calcium Carbide and Water contains impurities like Sulphur, Phosphorus, Arsenic, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Phosgene etc., such impurities are harmful and to be removed so that the Acetylene Gas confirms to IS-308.

These impurities can be removed effectively by Ferric and Ferrous based porous filter media (Metal Absorption Technique) called Acetylene Purifying Mass (Regenerative Type). These materials are manufactured with great care to remove all the impurities at a time when passed through it according to the purifier capacity.

The Purifying Capacity of APM (Regenerative Type) will be about 50-55 NM3 in about 12-14 Regenerations. The Specific consumption of Purifying Mass will be 25 Gms per NM3 of Gas subject to standard conditions. The impurities generated along with Acetylene gas are absorbed in the filter media forming metal complexes, which can be re-generated by using Air.

Acetylene Purifying Mass (Non-Regenerative Type)

Other name for this product is Chromic Acid Purification.The Purifying Capacity of APM (Non-Regenerative Type) will be about 10 NM3 per Kg of Purifying Mass subject to standard conditions.

The Acetylene gas purified with Non-Regenerative Type purifying mass will be free from Chloro compounds and can be used for Marine DA giving longer life for equipments against corrosion.

Acetylene is purified better when dry than when wet.