Ferric Chloride Liquid

Ferric Chloride Liquid It is an industrial scale commodity chemical compound. The color appears to be dark reddish brown liquid. Ferric Chloride is a fairly strong Lewis Acid, used as a catalyst in Organic synthesis, coagulant in sewage treatment and drinking water production.It is also used in PCB and Name Plates etching.

Packing Details:

Ferric Chloride Liquid is packed in 60 Kgs and 280 Kgs HDPE Drums as per the buyers requirement.


1 Ferric Salt as FeCl3 99.7 Max
2 Ferrous Salt as Fecl2 0.10 Max
3 Free Chlorine 0.01 Max
4 Specific gravity at 25oC 1.45
5 Insoluble Matter Nil