Magnesium Oxide (Calcined Magnesia)

Magnesium Oxide We manufacture Magnesium oxide from pure Magnesite material, which is available in various grades as per the percentage of Magnesium content. The reaction involved in manufacturing Magnesium Oxide is

MgCO3(s) → MgO(s)+CO2(g)

The different grades of Magnesium Oxide manufactured by us are, MgO (63-65%), MgO (73-75%) & MgO (83% feed grade). Other application in Refractory, Ceramic industries, Steel Industries and Animal feed supplements manufacturing. It is packed in 50 Kgs HDPE bags with thick inner liners.

Packaging Details:

50 Kgs HDPE bags with thick inner liners as per customer order.


1 Color Off - White
2 MgO content 65-85% Min
3 Mg content 42-51% Min
4 Loss on ignition 1.5% Max
5 Calcium Oxide 2.0% Max
6 Iron Oxide 0.4% Max
7 Silica content 10-12% Max
8 Particle size 200 mesh powder